Tonia’s Italian job was song’s premiere at Il Cantagiro


Canadian singer Tonia Szkurhan has sung a second song penned by Chris Wood on camera at the Il Cantagiro television song contest in Italy.

After the great reaction to her performance as a competitor last year, Tonia was invited to return as a guest singer, this time alongside Italian singing star Tony Santagata.

Tonia chose to sing Chris’s Give me some love, premiering the song just days after she had visited London to do a demo recording of it.

‘I felt that the song could have been written for me and I was really happy with my performance and my interpretation,’ she said.

‘I got a great response from the audience and from one or two producers as well.’

Tonia last sang with GHO in 2012 and is eagerly awaiting the chance to sing with the group again, next year.