Chains tightening!

Tonia And Daniele Studio2

Guest House Opera has refreshed its website with more new material from the pen of in-house composer, Christopher Wood.

Late last year a group of GHO’s core singers recorded a demo of Prisoners All Are We, from the rock opera Chains! – sung when the whole company join for a rare hymn of togetherness, led by Miller’s omni-present Jailor. See and hear Beth Turner’s video and the other new material on the GHO Music page at

Canadian singer Tonia Szkurhan, currently based in Italy, returned to a studio in Rome to record another demo from Chains! This time she chose the hard-hitting Confused! Filled with anger and despair, it finds her berating her lover Miller, after he had failed to protect her from the wicked wiles and evil ways of Miller’s ‘mentor,’ The Man. Tonia, a great supporter of Chris’s music, was again working with Italian musician and producer Daniele Autore.

Late 2018 also saw Chris complete other material, including a jazz ballad, How strange this affair, the first movement from a new Cello Sonata and The Silent Poet, a piece for chamber orchestra written as the theme for an imaginary film. The composer is now working on a story suitable for the music – an unusual reversal of creative processes!