Tonia’s cruising to vocal success in Italy


Canadian soprano Tonia Szkurhan sang in the national finals of Italian television song contest Il Cantagiro in October, singing Chris Wood’s song, The things you never said, emerging with glowing critical praise and several offers of work.

‘I did not win in the end,’ Tonia said, ‘but I sang my best and would not change a thing with my performance.

Everyone loved the song and thought it was beautiful and stunning!  I got tons of positive feedback from the judges.

They all told me I had a beautiful voice and that when I sing I allow them to dream. I was also told that I do not act enough when I sing – but I do find the Italians to be particularly expressive!

They told me that my voice is like a Ferrari and I am only driving it at 100km per hour and I need to be driving it at 220 km per hour – so from now on, I am taking the top down and driving on the highway! I have been booked to do a two hour radio show so I am super excited about that!