Collaboration boost for chamber opera trilogy


Guest House Opera has announced an exciting new collaboration with independent producer Jonny Danciger, which will feature a new production of Christopher Wood’s chamber opera trilogy No Way Out! as part of Jonny’s inaugural project.

The sequential three stories, featuring three soloists, will be performed as part of Opera Studio – two days of innovative opera works – to be presented at the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, west London, on 23 and 24 September 2022.

Christopher is eagerly looking forward to working with Jonny. ‘I feel that we are working with someone who really understands the power of contemporary opera in today’s world,’ he says. ‘The future of the art form is safe in his hands.

I am also really pleased to be working with two talented young singers new to us: soprano Holly Teague and tenor Harry Grigg, as well as GHO co-founder, baritone Paddy Cockshutt.’

Jonny devised the event while still artistic director of the OSO. He has now moved on and is looking forward to a challenging new career as a producer/director of innovative and new operatic works. His own realization of Jonathan Dove’s Songs of Ariel combines Dove’s music with a new live soundscape.

Also featuring in Jonny’s Opera Studio are the classic La Voix Humaine by Francis Poulenc and An Evening with Sofia Kirwan-Baez, Barnes’ beloved soprano and star of the OSO Piano Lounge series.

Opera Studio, OSO Arts Centre, Station Road, Barnes, September 23 and 24. Friday: No Way Out! 6pm; Sofia Kirwan-Baez 8pm; Saturday Ariel 3pm; La Voix Humaine 4.30pm and No Way Out! 8pm. For tickets visit or ring 020 8876 9885.