Lockdown lends Chris a hand!

05 GHO090612

Composer Christopher Wood has turned the recent coronavirus lockdown situation to advantage by adding a handful of substantial new works to his oeuvre.

The works – a Cello Sonata, an Elegy for Solo Cello and Strings, a String Quartet No.2 and Walk With Me, a piece for dance band – are reminders that his company, Guest House Opera, not only presents new musical theatre works, but that it also provides provoking new works across a number of other musical genres.

The Elegy is dedicated to ‘The Departed’, Chris commenting on the loss of so many prominent and dedicated people during the first half of 2020: ‘From George Floyd to the many NHS workers who have given their lives so selflessly, in fighting Covid-19. ‘We salute their humanity and their fixation to their duty,’ says Chris. ‘At this time of challenging racial stereotypes long may they live in our hearts.’ The second quartet comes 24 years after the London Mozart Players performed the first quartet at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon. The dance band piece is the latest of several pieces Chris has written and arranged for the Jean Bentley Band, based in south east London and Kent.