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Tonia Szkurhan Forges Another Link With Chains!

Tonia Szkurhan forges another link with Chains!

Canadian singer Tonia Szkurhan has again been busy. Working with GHO, this time recording a…

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Fallen Soldier By Maggie Cooper Goes Live On YouTube

Fallen soldier by Maggie Cooper goes live on YouTube

A video version of Sutton-based soprano Maggie Cooper’s song Close his Eyes, written for her…

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Production Team Plan For Chains!

Production team plan for Chains!

Author/composer of Chains! Chris Wood feels he has taken the show as far as he…

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War Oratorio Challenges Britten

War oratorio challenges Britten

The Carshalton Choral Society premiered Chris Wood’s A Great War Oratorio on 21 November 2015,…

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